Monday, November 10, 2008

Paris on 13 Blog Entries a Day

Wishing I was elsewhere on a crazy Monday, hearing a friend is off to Paris, made me realize I never indexed all the Paris write-ups in one place, and given it took 5 months to get the whole trip chronicled....

Here it is, in order, with a hint as the that day's major attraction:

Day One (Eiffel Tower)
Day Two (Louvre)
Day Three (Montmarte)
Day Four (d'Orsay)
Day Five (Notre Dame, I'lle St. Louis)
Day Six Day Seven (Pantheon)
Day Eight (Rodin, Pompidou)
Day Nine (there is no day nine--I counted wrong!)
Day Ten (Opera, cassoulet)
Day Eleven (Versailles)
Day Twelve (St. Chapelle)
Day Thirteen (shopping)
Day Fourteen (atop Notre Dame)

Bonus separate article summing up eating Paris.



Blogger ahab said...

Excellent! You read my mind. We're going end of February. Just booked it last weekend.

8:35 AM  

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