Monday, November 03, 2008

Is That Your National Anthem or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

Freaky--seems Yes on 8 (AKA Let's Constitutionalize Hate) has bought up ads on every website and radio station in the world today. Driving into work, hoping to find out what was going on with the gunman on the highway overpass, our local "Progressive Talk Radio" station aired a Yes on 8 ad. Checked stuff, as always every morning, on Talking Points Memo--another ad.

And now, weirdest of all, looking up the reviews for Shortbus, which Amy and I finally watched (and enjoyed) last night, there's a Yes on 8 ad on the page.

Shortbus, a film that Adrew O'Hehir calls "a sad, sweet, openhearted work, a New York tragicomedy of manners that resembles what Woody Allen might make if he were 35 years younger and interested in the pansexual orgy scene."

Shortbus, about which the Village Voice writes: "In what should be the movie's most outrageous scene, Jamie, James, and their boy toy Ceth (Jay Brannan) spontaneously erupt into 'The Star-Spangled Banner' during a convoluted three-way, using each other as human bullhorns. It sounds like a sneering provocation. But in performance, it comes off unironically jubilant, even patriotic—is this a great country or what? As long as one man remains free to sing the national anthem into another man's asshole, the terrorists haven't won."

I have a feeling they're not hitting their target audience here.

Say Yes to Shortbus, no to Prop 8!

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Blogger Rickey Henderson said...

Well at least it's a welcome change of venue from the baseball parks, right? You sure you weren't watching the Larry Flint production of "Nailin' Paylin"?

9:40 PM  

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