Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday Random Ten

Johnny Cash "I Dreamed about Mama Last Night" Timeless: Hank Williams Tribute
Jimmie Dale Gilmore "Long, Long Time" Braver Newer World
Johnny Dowd "Greasy Hands" Pictures from Life's Other Side
Pete Fountain & His Band "Lazy River" Big Ol' Box of New Orleans
Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks "Wicked Wanda" Real Emotional Trash
Wilco "Candy Floss" Summerteeth
Taj Mahal "When I Feel the Sea Beneath My Soul" The Essential Taj Mahal
Neil Young "Hippie Dream" Lucky Thirteen
Dollar Store "Dying Light" Money Music
Dump "Lucy Grealy" Women in Rock

Bettie Serveert "Under the Surface" Palomine

Well, when the Neil Young that pops up is from that classic Landing on Water, you know what kind of wee/ak it is. Then again, this is the first of my random tens featuring a song about a woman I went to grad school with, so that has to mean something. Lots of country, proving there are many hearts in the heart. Some spleens and gall bladders too.



Blogger ahab said...

The Baptist Generals, "Alcohol (Turn and Fall)" No Silver, No Gold
The Kingsbury Manx, "How Cruel" The Kingsbury Manx
Freakwater, "Queen Bee" End Time
Devendra Banhart, "Cristobal" Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon
Rocky Votolato, "Death-Right" Suicide Medicine
My Morning Jacket, "Touch Me I’m Going to Scream Pt. 2" Evil Urges
Hayden, "Stride" Moving Careful
Juliana Hatfield, "Because We Love You" In Exile Deo
Mercury Rev, "Peaceful Night" See You On the Other Side
The Rolling Stones, "Play with Fire" The Darjeeling Limited [Soundtrack]

Bonus: Fastball, "'Till the End of the Day" This is Where I Belong: The Songs of Ray Davies and the Kinks

Uh-oh -- you've got that Hank Williams tribute too, huh? We may have even more songs in common on our covers CDs than I anticipated.

As I just commented over at Tom's, I did receive your CDs (haven't spun them yet, though) and I'm finally sending out mine today.

9:48 AM  
Blogger Marty said...

Tom Waits, "9th and Hennipen," Raindogs
---, "Picture in a Frame," Mule Variations
Hem, "Receiver," Eveningland
Rilo Kiley, "The Angels Hung Around," Under the Blacklight
Stone Ponies, "Just a Little Bit of Rain," Tim Rutili's Mix
Milloy, "Hammers and Blades," More than a Machine
Delta Moon, "Shakin' Somethin' Loose," Goin' Down South
Hayden, "Long Way Down," Skyscraper National Park
Mars Volta, "Son Et Lumiere," De-Loused in the Comatarium
Guided by Voices, "Twilight Campfighter" Human Amusements at Hourly Rates

Bonus: Cars Can Be Blue, "Untitled," Doubly Unbeatable

Subtract three (the britpunk Milloy, the faux-prog Mars, and the fun Cars' tiny 11 second segue) and you get a pretty stable set.

12:48 PM  
Anonymous Freealonzo said...

So what was your favorite World Series moment? Man I probably had the least interest in a World Series ever. Looks like we need a Friday Randome Top 10:

1. This Land is Your Land -- Woody Guthrie
2. Don't Dictate -- The Penetration
3. California Dreamin' -- The Mama's and Papa's
4. Heart Songs -- Weezer
5. Chloroform -- Jack Logan
6. Opportunity (live) -- Elvis Costello
7. Mystery -- Kelly Hogan and the Pine Valley Cosmonauts
8. Divide and Conquer -- Husker Du
9. Opportunity -- Elvis
10. Judy is a Punk -- Ramones

First time ever the same song by the same artist in the same top ten (although one is a live version). A fine list too.

2:47 PM  

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