Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Random Ten

James Carter "Oriental Shuffle" Chasin' the Gypsy
Lambchop "I Haven't Heard a Word I've Said" Aw C'mon
The Velvet Underground "I Found a Reason" Peel Slowly and See
Emmylou Harris "Deeper Well" Wrecking Ball
Psapp "New Rubbers" The Only Thing I Ever Wanted
Baaba Maal "Allah/Addu Jam" Missing You (Mi Yeewnii)
The Blackbyrds "Cornbread" BaadAsssss Cinema
Waco Brothers "Never Real" Electric Waco Chair
Rockpile "Wrong Again (Let's Face It)" Seconds of Pleasure
Grandaddy "Miner at the Dial-a-View" The Sophtware Slump

Sonny Rollins "Skylark" Silver City--A Celebration of 25 Years

In and out with jazz, but this list never manages to hit even the third best song on any of the CDs it played. Oh well. Fitting probably that my fave song of the list is called "Wrong Again."



Blogger ahab said...

Willard Grant Conspiracy, "Lady of the Snowline" Let It Roll
Roy Buchanan, "Hey Joe" 20th Century Masters
Sufjan Stevens, "In this Temple, As In the Heart..." Come On Feel the Illinoise!
Mercury Rev, "The Funny Bird" Deserter’s Songs
Van Morrison, "Saint Dominic’s Preview" Saint Dominic’s Preview
Lisa Germano, "Le Meridien" L'absente
Eels, "Saturday Morning" Shootenanny!
Josh Rouse, "Italian Dry Ice" Country Mouse, City House
Devendra Banhart, "Little Boys" Cripple Crow
Pernice Brothers, "Dumb It Down" Discover a Lovelier You

Bonus: Yann Tierson & Shannon Wright, "Ways to Make You See" Yann Tierson & Shannon Wright

George, that's a wicked bad Lambchop song. But the Grandaddy's not bad, as far as Grandaddy goes.

Me, I've got about 50% pretty darn good stuff this week.

10:07 AM  
Blogger George said...

Yeah, not a very good Lambchop song indeed. Not a Grandaddy fan?

I hope Maine was great--I assume you're back in PA since you're posting. Let me know when you get the covers CDs.

10:13 AM  
Blogger ahab said...

I like Grandaddy. Well enough. I dunno, they can be annoying.

Yes, we're back. God it's beautiful up there. But we went too far into the boonies for good -- make that great -- food. The Acadia peninsula is apparently the cutoff for exceptional food. There were some competent places, places that tried. And I gave them credit for that. But there were many truly awful places. It was a great relief, foodwise, to get back to Portland.

I had to cancel at my beloved Primo, in midcoast Rockland, ME, because of bad timing. But I got my skate anyway, the next night at Portland's Fore Street Grill, which was absolutely freaking out of this world fantastic on the actual anniversary night. God, what a place. 555 the next night was exquisite too, although we had to rush to get two courses in and make it to the airport.

I want to move to Maine. As I say, it's gorgeous. And life is too short not to live near a few exceptional restaurants.

Now that I'm sated on skate I'm dreaming of a 555 stewed duck tartlet...

(Oh, I'll send out my mix CD if you've sent yours. And I'll join that other thing you invo-ed me for. I'm way behind on my life right now.)

11:50 AM  
Blogger Marty said...

Hot Pants Romance, "Heatwave," It's a Heatwave
Hem, "When I was Drinking," Rabbit Songs
Delta Moon, "Poplar Grove," Goin' Down South
Guided by Voices, "Sensational Gravity Boy," Briefcase--Suitcase Abridged
Iron & Wine, "House by the Sea," The Shepherd's Dog
Nick Drake, "Know," Pink Moon
Guided by Voices, "The Best of Jill Hives," Earthquake Glue
The Wombats, "Lost in the Past," A Guide to Love, Loss, & Desperation
Pixies, "I Bleed," Doolittle
Tom Waits, "Kommienezuspadt," Alice
New Pornographers, "These are the Fables," Twin Cinema

Bonus: Ninja Gun, "Breaking Light of Day," Restless Rubes

Given the cuts, I don't mind the GBV repetition this week, and otherwise some good tunes. Enjoyed the travel news, Ahab. And yes, I still keep west coast hours.

2:34 PM  
Anonymous Freealonzo said...

1. I Can’t Stop Loving You – Ray Charles
2. Homesick – Soul Asylum
3. There Ain’t no Bugs on Me – Jerry Garcia and David Grishman
4. We Walk – The Ting Tings
5. New Rose – The Damned
6. Bulldog Skin – Guided By Voices
7. Inspection Wise 1999 – The Hives
8. Carry that Weight – The Beatles
9. Even the Losers – Tom Petty
10. Think About Yourself – Golden Smog

5:30 AM  

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