Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A Bronx Cheer

In 2007 the New York Yankees traded for back-up catcher Jose Molina (one of the the 3 catching Molina Bros. in baseball but not the one Mets fans will hate in perpetuity) from the Angels of Angeles. For the season for the two teams, he was paid $1.35 million, not bad for a guy with slightly over a 1000 at-bats in 8 big league seasons. That is to say, he doesn't play much, which is good for the teams he's on, since his lifetime stats are .243/.279/.345. Heck, I might be able to beat him at Wii baseball.

Why does Jose Molina matter, you may ask (sorry, if you're reading, Mrs. Jose Molina)? Because the Yankees don't seem willing to give back a Jose Molina to the Bronx they're ruining. The Monday New York Times reports:

Several years ago, as the Yankees negotiated to build a new stadium in the South Bronx, the neighborhood faced the realities of a massive construction project in its midst: parks would be closed and moved, traffic would be horrendous, life would be, for a while, a hassle.

So, as one way to make up for these inconveniences, the Yankees and elected officials signed a community benefits agreement. It required that the team would give roughly $1.2 million a year, starting when the work began, to various community groups through a special panel. [...]

But nearly 17 months after construction began, as workers race to complete the new Yankee Stadium by opening day 2009, none of that money has been distributed, and the group responsible for administering it has never met.

You can go read the whole sorry tale, as the Yankees blame politicians, the politicians blame each other and the Yankees, and nothing gets done. For a Jose Molina a year.

So the bad-off South Bronx (which at least isn't as bad off as it was in the 1970s) can get worse, as far as the Yankees care. But at least the world will be safe from the mighty influence of PEDs and all the children who emulate baseball players, as Congress grandstands moves on that instead of doing some good about, well, anything. But for that argument, go read Gary Huckaby over at Baseball Prospectus for some true prospective.



Blogger Rickey Henderson said...

Well done Steinbrenners--way to stick it to your Bronx faithful!

Perhaps they enlist Molina as part of a Bruckner Expressway cleanup crew?

10:11 AM  

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