Friday, September 07, 2007

Friday Random Ten

For something different, the shuffle this week is just from 2007 adds to iTunes, which means it's not just 2007 music, btw.

Glenn Gould "Toccata in D major, BWV 912 - Vivace" Bach Toccatas, Vol. 1
Bonnie "Prince" Billy "God's Small Song" The Letting Go
Son Volt "Automatic Society" The Search
Son Volt "Highways and Cigarettes" The Search
Ryuichi Sakamoto "Manchukuo Waltz" Playing the Orchestra
Sparklehorse "Hey, Joe" Good Morning Spider
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah "Five Easy Pieces" Some Loud Thunder
Mott the Hoople "One of the Boys" [UK single version] All the Young Dudes
Ricochet "Duo de Amor" Astor Piazzolla Remixed
Sparklehorse "Eyepennies" It's a Wonderful Life

Sparklehorse "Hundreds of Sparrows" Good Morning Spider

This turns out to be a tribute to gifts from Ahab, with a bonus gift from Tessitura. Gee, while Visa might disagree, you'd think I didn't buy any CDs this year. There's lots of good stuff here, even with the repeats.



Blogger Marty said...

Milloy, "The Boy (with no shoes)," More than a Machine
Califone, "III No Mail Days (are sad days)," Deceleration II
The Wrens, "Boys, You Won't," Meadowlands
Tom Waits, "On the Nickel," Live concert, 1979, posted on Owl and Bear
Fucked Up, "Baiting the Public," Hidden World mp3
Ugly Casanova, "Ice on the Sheets," Sharpen Your Teeth
Gillian Welch, "My Morphine" and "Good Till Now," Hell Among the Yearlings
Mercury Rev, "The Funny Bird," Deserter's Songs
Ugly Casanova, "Pacifico," Sharpen Your Teeth

Bonus: Arcade Fire, "The Woodland National Anthem," EP

WMP shuffle after new download so I can play flac files (I love "On the Nickel." Interestingly, I can see all the songs I can no longer play, which is many more than half and would make this list very different (I might have had a Mott song, too), though the back-to-back Gillian Welch songs would remain. Two recent punk songs crept in as well.

11:49 AM  
Blogger ahab said...

Lisa Germano, "Sexy Little Girl Princess" Geek the Girl
Emily Sparks, "The Demons" What Could Not Be Buried
Neko Case, "I Missed the Point" Blacklisted
Sparklehorse, "Piano Fire" It’s a Wonderful Life
Grandpaboy, "Do Right in Your Eyes" Dead Man Shake
Hem, "Waltz" Rabbit Songs
Mason Jennings, "Which Way Your Heart Will Go" Boneclouds
The Magnetic Fields, "How to Say Goodbye" 69 Love Songs, Vol. 3
Migala, "Cuatro Estaciones" Arde
Lambchop, "Low Ambition" No You C’mon

Bonus: Blood Meridian, "Soldiers of Christ" Kick Up the Dust

George, the holiday week threw me off and I forgot to post my list over here. That was quite a discussion Tom got going over there today, huh?

As for the Sparklehorse and "Prince" Billy, I'm honored to have been able to contribute anything to the John Holmes of music collectors! I'll have to try one of those limited shuffles myself, in tribute to your contributions to my modest collection.

Marty, you're breaking my heart with those phantom listings. Please get me a snail mail address via George so I can share with you and try to appease your sadness.

7:35 PM  
Blogger Marty said...

Very kind of you, Ahab, especially as Hem was one of the lost. I'll send George the approval, or you can just contact me through my school email, which is public,

11:37 AM  
Blogger ahab said...

Marty, thanks for the address. I will be in contact with you. I've had a very busy week.

As for my earlier comment, a couple of martinis, some great wine and a cognac coupled with the fluffing our John Holmes gave me over Sparklehorse, had me very expansive last Friday night. And a bit melodramatic.

I'm sure I can't compete with your hip students, but you shall have at least some Hem from me.

9:06 AM  

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