Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday Random Ten

K. McCarty "Hey Joe" Dead Dog's Eyeball
Pearl Jam "Spin the Black Circle" Vitalogy
Billy Bragg "The World Turned Upside Down" Back to Basics
Lucinda Williams "Righteously" Live @ the Fillmore
Louis Armstrong "Savoy Blues" Martin Scorsese Presents: The Blues
Geggy Tah & King Chango "Whoever You Are" Red Hot + Latin Redux
Tom Russell "Navajo Rug" Song of the West
Yo La Tengo "Flying Lessons (Hot Chicken #1)" Electr-O-Pura*
Big Star "Hot Thing" Big Star Small World
The Ordinaires "Chhotisi Mulaqat" Time for a Change--Bar/None Sampler #2

The Spanic Boys "Looks Good to Me" Spanic Boys

Much stronger cut for cut than most of these random runs, starting with a terrific Daniel Johnston cover, running through Lucinda's far-from a run-through of the rip-snorting "Righteously," on to one of my favorite Yo La Tengo cuts, especially because it reminds me of the several times they've done it rock and roll justice live. The Pearl Jam is Amy's, and Amy's from a past life.

*Mike, I got iTunes to play a NJ cut first, so I win. What was the prize--some salt water taffy from Seaside Heights?



Blogger Mike said...

Nope. A weekend trip to Point Pleasant with the guys you never really liked in High School.


Fun to see you join the Pearl Jam qualification brigade . . . not to mention, some Big Star!

(And I like "El Goodo" too. But what would you rather hear? "El Goodo" or "In The Street"?)

I'm telling ya', these I-Pods are conspirin'..

9:58 PM  
Blogger ahab said...

George, I overlooked the Dead Dog Eyeball track when you posted your list over at Tom's. I considered getting that following the recent Daniel Johnston movie. It's worth picking up, huh?

I've never seen Damien Jurado on your lists. He sort of reminds me of Johnston.

5:21 AM  
Blogger George said...

Mike--Point Pleasant or bust! And we'll listen to Pearl Jam the wohle way. (Of course, if I wanted to revert to my high school years, it's be something much older than Pearl Jam--Tull maybe.)

Ahab--Dead Dog Eyeball is a great disc. Kathy McCarthy has a terrific voice and the arrangements bring out the best in Johnston's songs.

I don't know Damien Jurado--should I look (listen?) him up?

1:34 PM  
Blogger ahab said...

You don't know Damien Jurado? "What have I been doing commenting on this blog!? Everyone must love DJ." Start with Rehearsals for Departure. You'll probably end up with about six of his albums.

And thanks for the RT tips over at Tom's.

2:28 PM  
Blogger George said...

You owed me that one, Ahab.

I'll get me some Jurado.

2:44 PM  
Blogger ahab said...

Nahhh, George, I didn't owe you anything. I just couldn't write as good a line as the one of yours I quoted. Jurado is a new voice, RT is a legend. It's inexcusable that I was surprised by his genius. I'm pretty much self-directed, musically speaking. That's why I'm loving Tom's Friday Random Ten so much. But I'm confident Jurado will offset my debt to you.

4:11 PM  
Anonymous kusala said...

Wow, I really do need to download (or, heaven forbid, buy a CD of) Billy Bragg's Back to Basics -- did I destroy that cassette playing it way too many times on auto-repeat back in the day or what? Come to think of it, Talking with the Taxman about Poetry would be a good update to make to the music library as well.

And thanks guys, for dredging up for me a long-forgotten memory of almost-naked midnight swimming off the Point Pleasant boardwalk on high school graduation night. Good times.

3:00 PM  
Blogger George said...

Kusala--Yep Roc has been doing a fine job re-releasing the Bragg catalog with a bonus disc of extra stuff for each album. Not to make you buy anything....

3:29 PM  

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