Friday, February 23, 2007

It's Better to Have Beer Near than Near Beer

I hesitate to make this post, for I don't want people to expect actual reporting at INOTBB too much, but given this is about beer, I figured I could pour in a quick follow-up to Wednesday's Brew Pub Blogging. Turns out I did get a response from Nathan Boudin, one of the partners in the local venture, which makes me like them already. Here's the news:

We plan to have our opening date on St. Patrick's Day, Saturday March 17th. I am not sure if you have been able to attend either of our other locations but we will serve the same menu and price point, with a few variations (like pizzas and higher end steaks), but we will not be brewing on site here in Santa Barbara. Our beer is brewed in San Luis and Paso Robles. As for the live shows, we do not have plans to book large shows like those at our San Luis location because we are located on the same premises as the hotel and within a few blocks from your neighborhood.

So now you know and get ready to welcome Downtown Brewing to SB in three weeks. I'll be the one dressed as a leprechaun. You need a beer already, don't you.



Anonymous Amy said...


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Anonymous gerry said...

I simply loved the post, especially the title is way toooooo good. :)... guess coz i love having beer and st. patrick's day is an excuse to indulge in that favorite habit of mine. You may check out my blog coz I have something of your interest.

11:41 PM  
Anonymous homie said...

I was just in the SLO location today, and I'm ambivalent about the prospects for SB. When Downtown was SLO Brewing the beer was better (much, really) and it seemed like a cleaner, better-lighted place. Now it feels and looks like a semi-skanky college hangout with live music and decent food. Think SB BrewCo meets the Study Hall. Today was my second visit since the switch from SLO Brewing and it seemed to have eroded, although to be fair our waitron-babe (in the SBBCo tradition) was helpful and attentive.

So for SB ... I dunno. I'm hopeful -- and always game to give a brew pub (even faux ones) a chance -- but just a teensy concerned. Transplant the SLO brewpub, intact, to SB and it's a distant third to the Brewhouse and SB Brewing in both beer and food.

Let's cross our fingers.

5:15 PM  

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