Thursday, November 02, 2006

Resume with a Bang and a Boom

Friday is the 53rd birthday of Dennis Miller, and to honor him I will write this blog entry without making a single joke that is actually funny.

But unseriously folks, Miller has become to comedy what fellow birthday celebrater Roseanne Barr is to national anthem singing, or what yet another fellow anniversarian is to acting--Dolph "The Beatin' from Sweden" Lundgren. And I haven't even got around to comparing him to that stunning Presidential candidate Michael Dukakis, also born November 3 (as bad as Cool Tank Duke was, he did carry his home state, which is more than Al Gore can say). Don't worry that Nov. 3 is a purely talentless day to drop from your mom's womb (or be untimely ripped), as it's also Ken Berry's birthday, and without him "F-Troop" would have just been the Larry Storch show.

Luckily, the day is also notable as the 75th anniversary of the manufacture of the 1st commercially produced synthetic rubber. Before 1931 it took little old ants with high hopes to move rubber tree plants, and many thought ant slavery was cruel, not to mention generally ineffective as trying to whip an ant is nearly impossible. (Real slavery was just so much easier given humans are big enough to beat without mashing them into oblivion. As a yet more askew aside, the day is also Adam Ant's birthday, who knows of slavery after being managed by Malcolm McLaren.) You do have to admit it's best that the backseat was invented before synthetically produced rubber. You might also want to admit looking at the roster of those born on this day that there's not enough synthetic rubber to go around.


Anonymous Mike said...

Now here's a post right up my alley: snark, insult, random calendar musing, aimless triviata, and a slyly-introduced Willy Shakes reference.

Well-done sir. Maybe only one of your readers finds this sort of thing entertaining, but he matters!

He matters, I tell you.

5:01 AM  
Blogger George said...

That I have one reader matters!

Thanks for appreciating my trivial, random aimlessness.

3:18 PM  

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