Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Sorry, Ma, I Remembered to Rummage through the Trash

The IMDB reports:

Desperate Housewives actress Marcia Cross is battling to keep naked pictures of her from being published. Two hundred sexy snaps were reportedly discovered by a catering company hired to removed rubbish from redhead Cross' home in Los Angeles.

200? Wouldn't it just be easier for her to take off her clothes and parade around the house rather than take all those pictures? I'm also a bit confused why someone employs a catering company to take out the trash, but if it's an example of hiring dyselxia it does explain why so many people got sick from the canapes at the last bash at the Cross estate.

The firm's owner is being represented by agent David Hans Schmidt, who plans to sell the pictures. Schmidt tells the New York Daily News, "There are some pictures of her showering outside. She looks absolutely gorgeous. And yes, the carpet does match the curtains."

I guess that means in addition to being an agent, Schmidt is an interior designer.

But 44-year-old Cross' legal team claims the photos were thrown away by mistake and insist they still belong to her and husband Tom Mahoney. She is demanding their return. But Schmidt is confident he has the law behind him and hints he plans to sell them abroad: "The pictures were not stolen. When you throw something away, you forfeit that property. We recognize the copyright issue, but US copyright law stops at the border." But he has given Cross the opportunity to buy the photos back, claiming he knows how wealthy she is after discovering her tax return in the trash as well.

Two syllables, Marcia: Shred-der.

Schmidt adds, "I'm not looking to mortify Ms. Cross. I just want the most money for my client. I know how much she made, but out of respect for Ms. Cross, I won't discuss it."

Yeah, what a gentleman. Her income is off limits but the blush of her bush, that's a different kettle of fish.


Anonymous Mike said...

Hard to feel too sorry for Cross based on these facts, but is this Schmidt guy the biggest asshole in the world, or merely among the top 5 contenders?

If you're Cross's husband, how can you not just go and beat the snot out of this worm?

9:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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12:35 AM  

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