Friday, November 24, 2006

Friday Random Ten

The Januaries "Love Has Flown"
Manu Chao "La Primavera"
Elvis Costello "Playboy to a Man"
Trilok Gurtu "Inner Voice"
Brian Eno "Francisco"
The Band w/ Joni Mitchell "Furry Sings the Blues"
Guided by Voices "Man Called Aerodynamics"
Shawn Colvin "Tenderness on the Block"
Emmylou Harris "Deeper Well"
The 6ths w/ Mitch Easter "Pillow Fight"

Carolina Tar Heels "Got the Farm Land Blues"

Certainly random, especially closing with a cut from the Harry Smith opus as a bonus. Sorry about the couple of days off, but that monster book-food review entry left me sort of blogged out.

In the meantime, thanks, everybody, for reading, commenting, coming by.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

" I'm Fully Uploaded & Totally Blogged-OUT~! "
Rich Baecher 贝瑞淇 Bei Rui Qi
Google Me~! "Dr.openBC/XING"

7:51 AM  

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