Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Be Ready to Give Him a Big Hug If He Gets an Owie

So when Chicago Cubs GM Jim Hendry signed Alfonso Soriano to a 50-year, $9 trillion contract the other day, MLB.com reported that he said:

Those of us who know him and have watched him play, he's got a great body and takes tremendous care of himself. Look at how our game has changed. There are a lot of guys 40 years old who are still playing. He's lean -- he's like a greyhound. He's some kind of athlete. That's a very young body for his age. Who knows if he'll be as productive at 38 as he is at 31?

Here's hoping Hendry knows baseball better than greyhounds--we have a stack of veterinarian bill receipts we can wave under his nose to show him how "healthy" greyhounds can be.


Anonymous Mike said...

That description was one step away from Jimmy the Greek.

And two from Michael Richards.

Can I get a rim-shot? I'll be here all week . . .

8:01 PM  

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