Monday, June 26, 2006

Our Magic Morning Moment Gathers No Mould

It's a piano part any player at any Nordstrom's would be proud of, swoonily lyrical and grandly arpeggiated. Stephin Merritt, songster extraordinaire of Magnetic Fields fame, has others sing his tunes when he releases albums as The Sixths, and this cut from Hyacinths and Thistles (no there isn't a tune called "I'd Like to Teach the World to Lisp") features Bob Mould whose oaky timbre is imprinted on a generation of indie rockers thanks to Husker Du and Sugar. But he's never sung something like this:

will you dance with me
take my hands and lead me
with all my faults
in the ballroom waltz
that we might have done
had we ever been young

it'll end in tears
but not for years
if you dance with me

will you dance with me,
me, with two left feet
you'd be showing me how
I'm no dancer now
but soon you and I
could step into the sky

we'll go down in flames
of course, but love remains
if you dance with me

I'll make only sunny weather for you
The sky will be blue forever
I'll make only sunny weather for you
to keep me and you together

and you'll dance with me
in the rain, maybe
but we won't really mind
in the end we'll find
it was just a dance
and our little romance

it'll fall to dust
but only just
if you dance with me

The capper, of course, is the song's name, which is today's grace note that matters. This pretty trifle's title? "He Didn't"


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