Monday, January 09, 2006

Put a Bit More Goose in Your Step, Blogger

And they went unto Ken and Ken doth told them, "I have been to Mt. Rove and you all must cleave to the tablets I have returned! Corruption is bipartisan! Everyone gets donations, and not just Abramoff gave money! There is no 72-hour grace period for FISA warrants! We only wiretap bad people! Ask them if they are bad people!"

And the minions ran back to their wired ratholes and typed out their bitter, blind blogs as if they never had thoughts themselves.

Hat-tip to Jane at Firedoglake, who pointed out that Ken Mehlman rounded up the rightwing bloggers today to tell them how to spin, spin, spin. Of course, since they're really just as bad suck-ups as too much of the mainstream press and simply want access, which makes them feel all dewy-eyed and special and warm in places you don't want to think about them being warm, they go and listen and parrot.

And thinking dies. Democracy follows.

Go check out Hugh Hewitt bragging about being at the RNC. And see how flip Mehlman is even to his own syncophantic charges. The best line is this one, "I think there was a recognition that there needed to be some push-back on the Iraq issue," which I guess refers to all the talk about the war going well, and the revelation there's a plan (if only a marketing plan), and the attempts to call a true war hero like Murtha a coward. One hopes it doesn't mean "push-back" on reality, but of course that's how it seems, as reality, dressed in black and carrying one mean-ass scythe, surely seems to have the upper hand in Iraq of late. From the AP, in a report on the latest bombings that killed 29 Iraqis: "The escalating violence after the Dec. 15 parliamentary elections — at least 498 Iraqis and 54 U.S. forces have been killed."

Note not one of the intrepid bloggers brought up Iraq (at least in Hewitt's report). Even all safe and snug together they have to know people are dying for their blogs, and their comfort of fighting a war via words.


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