Wednesday, September 14, 2005

When God's on the Sauce

So busy this blog has been in preparation for its first anniversary that it completely ignored that there's a new god in town...and in the media and on other websites (thanks to Christina Kahrl for pointing it out on the Baseball Prospectus site, which can teach you about both new kings, as in Felix, and new gods, as in pasta) and up above us in a special heaven with not only a stripper factory but also a beer volcano (my guess is it spews whatever flavor of beer you most like, so I can positively swill in Anchor Liberty Ale and you can lap up Coors, well, if someone who drank Coors was going to heaven). Of course this new--or perhaps I should say at last coming into the righful period of his worship-- god is the Flying Spaghetti Monster, whose major prophet is Bobby Henderson.

Go have a laugh, or perhaps offer your prayers to the wonder of semolina. Make sure you don't miss the chart that proves global warming is directly connected to the modern day absence of pirates, which is totally true because Rex Smith played one in a movie over 20 years ago.

The amazing thing is that while I had never heard of FSM before today, it was back in 1882 that Friedrich Nietzsche took the FSM, threw him against the wall, found out he stuck, and famously said, "God is cooked."


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