Monday, September 12, 2005

Tears in Your Beer

I keep telling myself I'm drinking to honor New Orleans, since if any town deserves a rollicking wake it's NOLA, but perhaps it's to forget. Or at the least to slow my actions and reactions as I watch how horribly our country has treated the poor there--it's one of those terrible literal moments, isn't it.

Of course, if Bush & Co. can live with themselves, why can't I?

Oh, yeah, I've got a conscience and a soul.

And I also had plenty of good beer at Stone Brewing's 9th Anniversary this weekend. If you need something to console yourself, I'd recommend a Left Hand Brewing Milk Stout.


Anonymous Tessitura said...

Sureeeee rub it in the faces of those less fortunate then know there are people out in the world who LOVE beer. OH and yeah bush SUCKS TOO!!!

8:51 PM  

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