Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Avalanche of Audacious Almsgiving

Why that perky political poster Wonkette will always leave me with the giggles (and wondering who stole the Maker's Mark): great throw-aways like this one:

The Sears American Dream Campaign puts in an appearance, distributing "half-million dollars of needed goods," though it's unclear from the report whether this is the same as the Sears "Caravan of Caring," which also gets a mention. (We confess we're curious about the rejected protoype names for this project: Sears' Truckloads of Tenderness? Sears' Buttloads of Benficence?)

Although it would seem if you've got a buttload, it could be nothing but benificent.

Oh, and if I was smart enough to read the whole entry before trying to write mine (that's what happens when you interrupt a work task as important as labeling Arlo Guthrie photos, you rush to get back to the essential labor), I would have read the post was written by "Holly Martins," and not Wonkette. Shoot. At least I know where Holly stole his, yes, his, name from, that great film with the soundtrack by the man who will put you in a dither with his zither. Who couldn't cotton to the sounds of Anton Karas?


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