Thursday, September 22, 2005


Too much work, too little sleep, the checkbook is off an annoying $.03 (which I will find), so all I have is time to point. Michael Bérubé loans his blogspace to John McGowan every now and then, and the other day he really nailed the differences between liberals and conservatives. Here's an excerpt of something you really have to read in its entirety, since us liberals are complex and hate bumper sticker thoughts and easy outs like "ideology of hate":

Conservatives are about, when push comes to shove, offering justifying reasons—economic ones like inventiveness and ingenuity or moral ones like virtue and hard work—for some folks having so much more than others. In their heart of hearts, conservatives really believe that the world is only just when there is inequality since then each person is getting what he or she truly deserves. The notion that a just world would be an equal one is foreign to them. Hence the huge divide in sensibility. The successful deserve their success, the unsuccessful deserve their lot —and the virtuous few should have authority over the untrustworthy many. Those are the bedrocks of conservatism.


Blogger George said...

For those of you panicked about our financial well-being, I just can't add correctly. The checkbook is ok.

Sleep well.

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