Monday, August 15, 2005

Is the Opposite of Constitution Prostitution?

Breaking news, as the AP reports:

Extension Said Sought on Iraq Constitution

BAGHDAD, Iraq - A Kurdish minister said Monday on Al-Arabiyah television that Iraqis could not reach a complete agreement on a constitution and will seek a 7-10 day extension.

Barhem Saleh, minister of planning and a former deputy prime minister, made the statement shortly before the Iraqi parliament convened to consider the draft.

Saleh promised that if the writers were granted the extension, "the Constitution would be, like, way, way better. We got bogged down in our research, plus we only have dial-up, so looking stuff up took really long. As it is, we barely have enough time to run spell check."

The members of the Iraqi parliament are considering whether to grant the extension, wondering if they can only give the constitutional committee a grade no higher than a B+ if they allow for the extra time.


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