Wednesday, May 25, 2005

What's the Buzz, Tell Me Who's a Pervert...

The U.S. is cracking down, uh-huh. On terrorists? Not so much, especially when we're busy making them through our tough love democracy program in Iraq. Tax cheats? Only if you make less than $200 grand, as you poorer people run slower with crummier lawyers.

Nope, what we have is the perfect mix of high tech and low morals: we've got 24/7 sex offender alerts coming to you, according to the AP, via "e-mail, cell phones and other Internet-enabled devices when sex offenders update their addresses with authorities in three states. Houston-based SCAN USA, which already provides information about weather, natural disasters and Amber Alerts, began the sex offender alerts Tuesday in California, Texas and Florida, with plans to expand it nationwide."

I sure hope there's a law that says you can't receive these messages with your phone set on vibrate.


Anonymous karena said...

A new way to keep the sheeple scared shitless all of the time. Yuck.

11:15 AM  
Blogger Lori said...

Maybe. But I'll bet Jessica Lunsford's parents wish an Amber Alert would have been issued to let them John Couey was lurking in the bushes of their Florida negihborhood. Perhaps you would feel differently if it was your daughter they had found raped and murdered and buried in a shallow grave across the street from your own home.

11:20 AM  

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