Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Fe, Fi, Fo Frist -- You Better Vote for Every Damn Jurist!

I figure I have to jump in an opine on the Big Deal that went down in DC last night, but I'm really just not sure what to say. (Get up off the floor, you stunned reader, you.)

It's pretty simple--we really don't know what has happened, or will. Which judges get through? Is the rumor one might not get past the vote anyway true? Is it just the case that the Republicans let the filibuster live as long as the Democrats don't ever use it? Who is waiting behind the Mystery Date door to be Supreme Court nomination No. 1?

I think we're in that ugly land of too many fingers at too many keyboards way too close to the scene of the accident. Everybody needs to stop blogging, stop insta-responding, and breathe.

It is awfully fun to see all the right wingers lament that not everything in the world can go their way, though, so the compromise was worth it for that, if nothing else.


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