Thursday, February 17, 2005


Ah, IMDB, you always provide grist for my mill:

French actress Juliette Binoche has had her 1996 Best Supporting Actress Oscar touched up by the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences after the statuette lost its sheen. The English Patient star became sad when the award started peeling as her young son played with it, but was thrilled when she learned that a perk of winning is the ability to get the little man repaired for free.

That's right, in Hollywood even inanimate objects get face lifts.

I'm not sure if it's modest and refreshing that her kid plays with her Academy Award or if it shows contempt. Or if Binoche realizes she didn't deserve the award (then again, Debbie Reynolds didn't even get nominated for the ultimate Mother that year, so what do I know). Or maybe she's just cheap, and won't buy her son toys. Or maybe her son thinks Blaine isn't the right doll for Barbie and given Oscar is just as anatomically incorrect....


Anonymous ChrisV82 said...

That reminds me of an episode of The Critic when Jay Sherman was going to present an award, and he starts scratching at the Oscar backstage. A little bit of the exterior peels away, and he says something along the lines of, "Oh my, it IS chocolate!"

They cut to the next scene, which has him walking on stage with half a statue and brown smears around his lips.

I'm sure it's funnier if it's not explained to you like a visually impaired audio track.

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