Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Some Algebra Down Argentine Way

So we tend to look down our noses at a country like Argentina, what with its collapsed economy and being in South America and all. But have you seen the stories about the Argentinean reaction to the nightclub fire in Buenos Aires, where 183 people died? Thousands have taken to the streets, calling for the mayor to step down, claiming he's ultimately the one at fault for not regulating nightclub safety. Here's one quote from one of those stories:

"How could so many young people have died?" asked a 51-year-old protester, Jose Fuentes. "This tragedy is the product of political corruption that looks the other way and lets the clubs function without meeting even minimum norms for security."

Now go change the number of dead from 183 to 1340. Replace the word "clubs" with "military vehicles."

Why don't we also switch the word "mayor" with the phrase "Secretary of Defense," while we're at it?


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