Monday, January 31, 2005

Privatization on Parade

The always eye-opening Josh Marshall has posted a PDF of the Saving Social Security playbook that the Republicans developed. It's fascinating to peruse, from the very perceptive heading "Democrats and Liberals on Social Security" (they know there's a difference!) to the tips on "messaging techniques" ( a little more to the right...closer to the shoulder...ahh).

One favorite tip for right wingers trying to end Social Security as we know it:

“Personalization” not “privatization”: Personalization suggests increased personal ownership and control. Privatization connotes the total corporate takeover of Social Security; this is inaccurate and thoroughly turns off listeners, who are very concerned about corporate wrongdoing.

Note that although listeners are turned off by corporate wrongdoing, the corporations doing wrong are our friends and biggest financial supporters. Please tread a fine line here. Don't try to remind them how well retirement turned out for the folks at Enron.

Besides, people like the personals: "MWF seeks mutual fund for possible LTR and walks on the beach. No playing with my annuity unless you mean business." See, Social Security reform can be downright sexy.


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