Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Let's Take This Baby for a Spin

In an attempt at marketing synergy that will make the Fox folks look as lame as they are for giving the best World Series tickets to dweebs who star in their programs so they can then spot these demi-stars in the crowd, I will be making a rare radio appearance this Thursday to shill for my department's upcoming screenings of The End of the Century - The Story of the Ramones, among other events (Laurie Anderson, David Byrne, Los Lobos, and maybe a sideways peek at Mission of Burma, since Roger Miller is coming with Alloy Orchestra).

Having given up radio in the summer of 1988 after seven glorious years of playing what I wanted, the public be damned (and, at times, Damned, when I wanted to be a sensible captain), I still long for it, at times, and what's more, even, still, awake from the occasional fevered dream that I can't cue up LPs in time and risk dreaded dead air. Yes, I DJed in the days when one played about as much vinyl as those shiny CDs.

Thanks to Ted Coe at KCSB for having me on during his air time. I've been in studios since, and they have computers now, not just hamsters churning in their wheels to power up the 10 watts.

And you can even listen on your computer, wherever you are, so here's the details:
Thursday, January 6
1-2 pm (Pacific)
KCSB webcast

If you're local, that frequency is 91.9 FM, left of the dial, as some group had it. Here's hoping I can avoid the following analogy-- George Now:Paul Westerberg::George Then:Replacements.


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