Wednesday, December 01, 2004

It's Primitive as Can Be

Part of being early-middle-aged is the joy of falling asleep on the couch in the evening. With the remote in hand. Amy says I can even channel surf while asleep. Last evening, I made my own odd tv program, flipping, snoozing, dreaming up connections. Emeril cooked his goose. Two new casts played at Gilligan's Island, thereby, at last, bringing the lamest of sitcoms together with reality programming for classic television from which no viewer gets to be a survivor. Poor Rachel "Stacy's Mom" Hunter and Nicole Eggert and some millionaires don't have enough to eat but it's ok because their staged hunger means they are on television. I awake again to an LA news broadcast covering the recent cold snap and the crowding at homeless shelters. One person getting ready to bed down says, "On the construction site where I work, even with two pairs of gloves my hands are so cold."


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