Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Turkey with the Troops

Trying to stay upbeat about November 2, like Michael Moore and Tom Tomorrow and Josh Marshall tell me. It's not over till it's over, and all that. Although after hearing on Air America this morning about a Fox News affiliate telling Univ. of Arizona students that they were committing felonies registering to vote at school, I did have this ugly three-part realization of the Repugnicans strategy:
1) Lie to those who do vote, so they are scared and confused and vote for Bush;
2) If people might not vote for him, try to stop them by purging voter rolls or out-and-out intimidation;
3) If all else fails, there's always Diebold (can't get away with that Supreme Court thing twice).

Then I remembered this tune I got a few months back. Carmaig DeForest is an incredibly cool musician no one knows, who plays the uke, writes great, often politically informed tunes, and will even play a great show when only 11 people show up (I'm thinking back to an Iowa City gig in 1988 or so during an exam week). His song is funny and clear. Go listen to "George Bush Lies." You'll be glad you did.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps Kerry can take this up as his campaign anthem. Is there a way to send in suggestions? [Amy]

9:33 AM  

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