Thursday, January 21, 2010

So, a Needle Pulling Cleopatra

At least by my any-day-in-history calendar Friday is the 229th anniversary of the erection of Cleopatra's Needle in New York's Central Park, one of the few times the words "erection" and "Central Park" were not followed by a bust by the vice squad. Wikipedia, however, says the date is February 22, 1881, but who knows, it might take a month to get a 240 ton obelisk up (sadly, I wouldn't know). The funny part (you certainly didn't think it was my jokes did you?) is the tower's title is a misnomer, as it stood in Egypt a good 1000 years or 8,765,800 hours prior to Cleopatra...that's over 2 million x greater than modern medicine says is healthy, of course, but facts like that tend to bite you in the asp, don't they. No, it was Thutmose III (formerly known as Smutnose, no doubt a buddy of Biggus Dickus and Incontinenta Buttocks) who thrust the mighty cylinder skyward. Alas, he never got into a Shakespeare play, let alone got portrayed by Claudette Colbert or Liz Taylor, so no memorializing for him. And if you wondered about the inscriptions, and who doesn't, they were added during the reign of Ramsesses II, therefore making the shaft ribbed for your pleasure.



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