Thursday, October 02, 2008

I ♥ Smarts

Berube's back in the blogging saddle again! Damn, have to figure out how to make those accents again. Here's some of what he has to say about the upcoming election:

I’ve been reading the GOP campaign as being not merely an assault on liberal elites—like I say, that’s old news—but a frontal attack on the very idea of standards of plausibility in argument. To friends and family (and one or two inquiring reporters), I’ve been calling it the National Insult My Intelligence Tour 2008.

And he says this about Sarah Palin:

Because, you know, the campaign didn’t have to say anything at all about Palin’s foreign-policy expertise. They could simply have said, “it’s not her strong suit, sure, but she’s a quick study and brings a lot of populist energy to the ticket.” Or they could have said, “she’s a strong social conservative and deeply knowledgeable about how to organize a Rapture.” But no. Instead, they went on national television and made a series of arguments so stunningly and egregiously stupid that they wouldn’t have passed muster forty years ago in my third-grade class’s debate over the relative merits of Nixon and Humphrey.

And he says a lot more, cause he's Bérubé, of course. Go read it all.

Hey, I got the accents, too!



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