Friday, August 08, 2008

A Doggone Good Hotel

For Dog Blog Friday: Mookie and Nigel don't understand why they can't get room service Milk Bones.



Blogger Deb said...

Are these beauties your babies???? How lucky you are!

Give them a big kiss from a greyhound admirer!

8:39 AM  
Blogger George said...

Ah, you are new to reading the blog. You would be bored with them by now if you'd been coming longer.

9:59 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

No way, Georgie. I never, EVER tire of anything dog or dog-related.

My own little doggie can do the same thing a million times, and to me, it's just as cute and fresh as it was the first time she did it.

To tell the truth, I'd much rather hear stories about, and look at pictures of, people and their dogs, than people and their kids.

All kids look alike to me *snicker,* lol.

6:47 AM  

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