Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Drove My Chevy to the Gas Station but the Station Was Dry

I'm not really sure the All-Star Game is over as I went into a fugue state somewhere around Dan Uggla's twelfth error, despite relishing thinking that Bud Selig must believe hell is the All-Star Game and extra innings.

But I do have to say this--why bother making a hybrid Chevy Tahoe? Is it for people who order a Vente latte half-skim? For people who don't know that Lake Tahoe isn't filled with gasoline for them to use on a hulking SUV that at "up to 50% better city fuel economy over the non-hybrid Tahoe" (according to Chevy's website) isn't much different than feeling righteous you used just a .22 and not a blunderbuss to nail that pesky mosquito on the wall?

And on a separate note, thanks, Yankee fans, for turning even the National League v. the American League into Boston v. New York, as, after all, those are the only two cities with baseball teams (just ask Fox). You know, Papelbon was pitching for the team you were supposed to be rooting for (although even as an NL fan, when Chipper Jones strikes out, my Brave-hating cockles get a bit toasty, so perhaps I'm just a hypocrite).

And on the third hand (I had four hands yesterday, so at least I'm winnowing), do note who blew the NL's original 3-2 lead: our good friend Billy "Woopsie" Wagner. Here's hoping he got that out of his system.

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Blogger Mike said...

Man, that game must've ended late even on the West Coast.

Glad I didn't even try after the 6th inning.

(Though I could've predicted a BS for Wags.)

4:39 AM  
Blogger Rickey Henderson said...

Is there anything that Hillbilly Wanger can't screw up? The man just excels under pressure, doesn't he?

5:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh come on, George - your small town paranoia about the Boston and NY fans is lame. I could have lived without the comments at Yankee Stadium last night as well but I have heard a lot worse than "overrated" being chanted by fans around the league and Papelbon pretty much brought it on himself by mouthing off before the game and announcing he should be the closer. On balance, good there are still fans who are passionate about baseball and their teams.

8:37 AM  
Blogger Smitty said...

Is there anything that Hillbilly Wanger can't screw up

Apparently not!

I can't think of a game I was more unexcited to see than the All Star game this year. Sorry...

6:19 AM  

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