Thursday, July 05, 2007

Summer YouTubes Don't Mean a Thing

Last year INTOBB ran a daily summer feature and I've been thinking about doing one again this year, too, so much so that the fireworks is spent and retail is setting up back to school sales already. Still, in an effort to believe it's never too late (like, say, to try to stop global warming? I want to be hopeful here, folks), I thought it might be fun to put up a YouTube find of the day, something I assume most of you might not have known about. Based on responses to my Random Ten, that shouldn't be too hard if YouTube cooperates.

Entry #1 (or 2, if you count yesterday's XTC) up in a bit.



Blogger Tessitura said...

youtube, blogger, next google is going to own the indy, sbiff, your house, and you!

2:31 PM  

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