Monday, November 14, 2005

A Degree from the Waiting Seminars

I want to be funny, but don't feel I've got the laughs in me today. And then I ran across this, as John McGowan is guesting over at Michael Berube's blog for a couple of weeks:

I have this fantasy, one that attaches to various people at various times, about people who are at one with their lives. Someone who has found an occupation that is completely enthralling, challenging, pleasurable, and satisfying. The person pursues this occupation with single-minded devotion for the whole of a life, each new step on that journey producing a new problem to be solved or a new way of seeing the whole enterprise. But, meanwhile, there is also the satisfaction of things achieved along the way. The life well lived as a career in making. An honorable life devoted to producing things that the world values. (No, I don’t experience my own life that way. It feels like constant scrambling, with each thing done a messy compromise between what was aimed for and what time, circumstances, and personal limitations made possible.)


Except I wasn't even with it enough to write that myself.


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