Sunday, March 27, 2005

Nothing Less than Anymore (Getting Smaller in My Rear View Mirror)

I still make mixed tapes.

(pause for your snickering)

Why? Because I DJed during college when I still played vinyl and I distrust the new and I buy CDs and don't download and I like the mechanical click that means stop or pause and I like my stereo more than my computer and I've been doing it for years and somebody has to support the recording tape industry and I'm just silly that way.

I also like to make a birthday tape each year. So, none of that random MP3 list for me, here's what I actually put together because it goes together, because moving from mood to mood and sound to sound and lyric to lyric matters, somewhere....

Fountains of Wayne "All Kinds of Time"
Drive-By Truckers "Lookout Mountain"
The Reputation " Face It"
Buzzcocks " I Believe"
Futureheads "Carnival Kids"
Superchunk "Skip Steps 1 & 3"
Old 97's "Won't Be Home"
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds " There She Goes, My Beautiful World"
New Pornographers "Graceland"
Rilo Kiley "It's a Hit"
Dogs Die in Hot Cars "Glimpse at the Good Life"

Anne McCue "Stupid"
Kathleen Edwards "Six O'Clock News"
Matthew Sweet "We Lose Another Day"
Crooked Fingers "Wrecking Ball"
Modest Mouse "The Good Times Are Killing Me"
Lloyd Cole and the Commotions "Brand New Friend"
John Cale "Set Me Free"
The Handsome Family "Drunk by Noon"
Neko Case "I Wish I Was the Moon"
Bright Eyes "First Day of My Life"
The Decemberists "As I Rise"
Jon Langford "Hard Times"


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