Tuesday, October 19, 2004

By the Rubbing of Our Thumbs, Voter Fraud This Way Comes

Something about the Bush White House makes me think of Macbeth and over-reaching power, but then you have to assume Cheney is Lady Macbeth.... (I prefer Francesca Annis in Polanski's very spooky, bloody film version.)

In Afghanistan, where we're trying to jump-start democracy (which is a hint things might not be optimal--it's best if a country tries to do democracy on its own, after all), it's hard to be shocked things have gone a bit shakily. But in the US of A, where we've been practicing the whole voting thing for over 200 years, you'd think we'd have it down by now. That's why this handy guide to possible voter fraud is so scary--over two dozen possible concerns throughout the country.


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