Tuesday, October 05, 2004

A Bobo in Brooksdom

My favorite David Brooks comment after the debate on PBS (paraphrased): "After watching tonight, I've come to realize the most important issue in this election is Iraq."

Somehow Mark Shields didn't fall off his chair. My answer would have been, "I thought it was David Brooks sitting at this table making analysis with me the past few weeks, but clearly you were in a coma of soap opera proportions. After all, only someone unconscious for over a year would not realize that the key issue in the election is that our president led us into a war on false pretenses, thereby lowering our status in the world, adding $200 billion to our debt that he further fuels with tax cuts to the wealthy, killing over 1000 of our young men and women (not to mention killing many more foreign men and women, many of whom are Muslim, so somehow really don't count), and creating many more terrorists to boot. You're so perceptive, David. How could any of that be important?"


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